Thursday, February 18, 2016

Valentine's Day!!!

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that I could live without, seeing as I don’t have a valentine, BUT I don’t let my students suffer because I’m only the lonely haha. So it’s business as usual with cards, crafts and writing all about Valentine’s Day.

For the last few years we have made our students' valentine’s boxes after requesting cereal boxes from home however, this year we finally got smart and asked the parents to decorate a cereal box and send it school. I don’t know why we haven’t done this years ago. It saved so much time and stress. It’s so much easier for parents to make 1 box than for us to make 20. The parents were so creative.
The card my class made for our families this year is this Happy Valentine’s Day card with their handprint and then their picture under the hand. I think they came out adorable if I do say so myself haha.
 Cindy’s class made this cute little Froggy holding a heart with the students' hand prints. It says, “If you take my hand today you will hold my heart forever”. I really love it.
Her class also made these picture frames by Q-Tip dotting watercolor paper. She added their picture holding a heart that says I love you. They turned out really cute.
I always give my students non candy valentines that I found for free on TpT called Non-Food Valentines. This year I waited till the last minute and was at Walmart at midnight trying to put together their gift. Instead of getting the valentine party organized I was at the movies watching Deadpool haha. When I got to Walmart I couldn’t find the star sunglasses I wanted so I ended up doing yo-yo’s.
For writing we did a circle map of who we love, inferred who Froggy would give his valentine to, compared Froggy to Frogilina and wrote valentine cards to our loved ones.

This week it's all about the Presidents I hope I remember to take pictures. Happy blogging!!

Laters, Sandra

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