Sunday, February 21, 2016

President's Day and birthdays!

Wow what a week!  Friday was the end of our 4th cycle and it was an exhausting one.  Testing kindergarteners for report cards is not for the faint of heart LOL!  We are so glad that this week is over.   Our kids are doing great!  Sandra and I created a report card test that we use throughout the whole year.   This year we finally came up with a good tracking sheet.  We plan to post it to our TpT as soon as we make some final corrections to it!

This past Monday was President’s Day of course, although we weren’t lucky enough to have a day off we did have lots of fun learning about our presidents.  We didn’t get many pictures (due to this crazy week) but here are a couple of activities that we did get to finish.  
The first one is a text-to-self writing activity about what they would do if they were president.  I got the little tricorn hat idea from a picture I saw on google.  One of my little ones said he would help me if he was president. :) 
The second is a TLC cutting activity of Barack Obama that we make every year.  This year I had to make a modification to mine.  I realized that I didn’t have enough brown paper to make the regular sized ones so I decided to make President Obama on a smaller scale.  My little niece Addy modeled one of them for me.    


We’ve also been learning about the weather in science.  We made this cute craftivity that we found on Pinterest from Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten and modified it a little.  I love how they came out and the kids had so much fun making them too. Kindergarteners think glitter is awesome!  The English example is the original and the Spanish example is the one that I recreated!

I’d like to end this blog by wishing both Sandra's mom and my mom a very happy birthday.  Their birthdays are one day apart as a matter of fact.  We LOVE our Mommas!!!


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