Monday, February 15, 2016

100th Day Shenanigans!!

I can’t believe we are almost halfway through the month of February!! This school year is just flying by. The 100th day of school was 2 Thursday's ago at our school and we had the most wonderful time celebrating. I love the 100th day of school but usually it feels really stressful and like I can’t get to everything I want to do with my kiddos. This year we were much more organized and everything ran so smoothly.
We decided to do an entire week of 100th day activities instead of just the one day. This way we were able to do all the activities we wanted to do without feeling overwhelmed. We also created a 100th day center checkoff list that made things so much easier. We got this idea from Pinterest.

We began the week by starting a list of 100 words we know. We wrote about 25 words a day and were able to complete the list by Thursday. For writing that day we wrote about what we would buy with $100. Most kindergarteners have no concept of money so many of my kiddos wanted to buy their mom a house or a car (which is just the sweetest thing) with their $100.  So we looked up things that could cost $100 so they could get some ideas.

On Tuesday we rolled a die and colored a 100 chart to see how many rolls it took to get to 100. Then they wrote what they would look like if they were 100 years old and what they would do at that age. Then they made a craftivity from Deanna Jump’s 100 Day unit. They always turn out really cute, but of course I forgot to take a picture of it. Total brain fart!!

On Wednesday my assistant hid 100 numbered kisses around the room and the kiddos had to find them one at a time and color the number on a hundreds chart. Then they were able to keep the kisses they found. 
We also started our hundreds day hat today. They get 10 strips and put 10 stickers on it to make 100 and then we turn it into a hat. These are always fun to make but can be time consuming so making them a day early was genius. Then for writing we wrote a “How To” paper on how to make a 100 day hat (trying to tie it all together).
Finally it’s Thursday and the 100th Day has arrived. We already had our hats ready to go so they just put them on as soon as they came in. Many students came dressed as 100 year olds which was just precious. They also received a 100 day cookie snack.
We made our Fruit Loop necklaces, 100th day certificates, and wrote about what we wish we had 100 of. Then we did our 100th day centers!! Which included building a structure with 100 cups, building a structure with 100 Legos, writing numbers 1-100, roll and color a hundred’s chart, paint 100 dots and making a 100 day snack to name a few.
What a wonderful stress-free 100th Day!! 

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