Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Pumpkin Unit On TPT

Hey friends - I know we haven't blogged in awhile, but we've been so busy trying to finish our pumpkin unit for TPT. It's finally finished and we couldn't be more excited. We think it turned out pretty awesome, but we are a little biased. Follow this link if you'd like to check it out

Here's a few things that we have been working on for our pumpkin unit.

 Jack-O-Lantern Glyph
In dual language we teach math in English so all of the math activities will be in English only, but the language arts activities are in both languages. My students really enjoyed making this glyph.

Where's the Pumpkin book
This is a positional word book, where the kiddos move their pumpkin to the correct place on the page. We read this book over and over during the week and then on Friday they take it home to show their parents the positional words they've learned. Positional words is a very difficult concept for bilingual students, so we try to make learning this skill fun. One of the teachers at our school does an awesome job teaching the kiddos math vocabulary which I'm going to incorporate into my calendar time. The class comes up with a gesture or movement that goes with each new word and during calendar time they say it as part of their daily routine. Way to go Mrs. Dunn!!

I've also included a picture of Cindy's positional word chart. 

I See Pumpkins book
For this number book the kiddos write the number, the number word and draw the corresponding number of pumpkins on the page.

 Initial Sound Game
For this center the kiddos will select a colored pumpkin, say the word, color the pumpkin on the recording sheet and write the initial sound or for the more advanced students they can write the word. This game can be used in either language and an English and Spanish recording sheet is included in the unit. 

 How many Syllables?
In this center have the kiddos lay out the hay bale cards, select a pumpkin card, say the word, count the syllables in the word and the place the card on the correct hay bale. So if they select the word elephant they would place it on the hay bale card with 3 hay bales on it. If they are doing this center in Spanish then they would place on the board with 4 hay bales. Sorry the picture is sideways. I couldn't get it to rotate. It's so irritating!!

Graphic Organizers
We have also included several graphic organizers. Here's and example of one of them.
 If you buy our unit please let us know what you think. This is one of first units and we welcome any and all feedback. I just noticed the time and it's super late and we have staff development all day tomorrow. Time for BED!! 

Sandra :-)

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