Monday, October 8, 2012

Apples and pumpkins everywhere!

Okay so it's been forever since we've blogged, I blame myself (Cindy), lol.  School was a little hectic with PTA membership drive, planning field trips and lots more.  Ah, the life of a teacher...We always do apples at the end of September for Johnny Appleseed's birthday.  Here are a few things that we did:
On the Friday before we start our apple unit we send a note asking each student to bring an apple.  We make graphs that tell what kind of apples they brought and my favorite type of graph is the taste test where they find out what apple is their favorite.  It's fun to see how excited they are when they realize how different the apples taste.  Here's the graph that I made this year.  I found pictures of the apples online and after the kids tasted them they cut out the apple they liked the most.  For the first time ever we had a three way tie.

After dissecting an apple we label the parts, whole group, in the daily message.  After that, they have to label an apple on their own.  Here is a picture of our "What is a label?" class chart  which I used during the lesson, students label with words if they can and label using initial sounds if they cannot write words yet.  The apple labeling worksheet is an online freebie.   
 Deanna Jump is one of our favorite bloggers and sellers on teachers pay teachers.  She has a really awesome ideas and these come from her apple math and literacy unit.  The first picture is a fold-able book and paper cutting activity.  The little story is, "Eat the apple, save the core, plant the seeds.  Grow some more!"  I just recreated the labels in Spanish. They did a really good job on it.
 The activity was the my favorite!  Deanna Jump made a "Who took the apples from the apple tree?" book you can do with your class.  I love using pictures in my class made books, so I decided to give each student their cut out head and had them draw their body.  This was a class labeling book so each student had to label at least three parts of their body.  In the end, the teacher is the one that took the apples from the apple tree.  It turned out really cute!
Talk to you soon.
-Cindy ;)

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