Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Class books and TLC art projects!!!

Oh my goodness y'all, I had the worst migraine today! A little bit of Excedrin and a Gatorade always seems to work wonders and I can blog again :-). 

Here are some pics of books we've made in our classroom. I try to make a class book weekly or at least every 2 weeks if possible. After the books are finished I send them home with a different student each day so that they can share it with their families.  After each student has taken it home we add it to our class library. The class books are usually the first selected in the library. At the end of the year I draw names to see who gets to keep the books. My students love them!

The 1st book we made was David Shows Us The Rules. After reading David Goes to School  we made a circle map about our class rules. Here are pictures from both Cindy and my class. Seriously?!? I need a circle template! That circle is so crooked, it's driving me nuts!
I showed the kiddos how to draw David step by step and then they dictated a sentence about a class rule we should have. They turned out really cute! I love, love, love the one Jeanette did. It says "Help your friends" and she drew someone on the floor crying and David helping her up. Hilarious!!
The Little Engine That Could
Next we read The Little Engine That Could and then made a super easy TLC art project. At least I think it's TLC. I've been doing it for so long that I can't remember for sure. It's super easy! First they draw a railroad track, add the rectangles and the squares, draw the wheels and the smoke and Voila!! it's done.
Then the students dictated a sentence about something they can do. Karen wrote "I can write my name". They come up with hilarious things like I can play with my toys and I can eat a sandwich - lol. 
 Grrrrr...I can't get the pics to rotate correctly. So annoying!!

Lollipop Chant
Cindy's class made this TLC Lollipop chant project. My class hasn't made it yet :(. We'll do it this week!! This project is really easy and teaches the students how to make circles from squares, how to use glue and reviews colors. It's awesome and fun!

We also made a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Look Who's In Our Room book but we still need to add letters to our coconut trees. I'll show pics tomorrow.

Sandra :)

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