Monday, October 15, 2012

Bats in classroom!

Last week was a very short week for me, and it wasn't because I wanted it to be.  I was so sick!  No matter what I just couldn't beat it, which shortened my bat week by a lot, I missed a waiver day and the day after that!  Still, had to get what I could in because bats are so interesting and fun.  We focus our unit around the book Stellaluna which in case you don't know, is a story in which a little bat and three little birds discover that they are very alike and at the same time very different.  Our reading lesson focused on comparing and contrasting, our science lesson focused on birds, and read many bat non-fiction books as well.  This is an awesome chart that we found online, I don't remember what site but I'll ask Sandra, hopefully she can refresh my memory.  It's a Stellaluna Venn Diagram, comparing bats and birds.
Another really cute activity we do is a TLC cute paper bat information book.  We make this book at the end of the unit.  Each student has to give you something different that they learned about bats.  We always like to post these outside of the classroom.  The students and parents really get a kick out of these awesome little bats. After we finish displaying them we make a bat information book and let the students take turns taking it home to read it with thier family.  


 Sandra has some more bat activities she's going to share with you too.  So excited to feel better and start our pumpkin unit!
-Cindy :)

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  1. Your such an amazing teacher, Cynthia! I love that you have a teaching blog. Congrats on this and look forward to seeing all of your amazing work!