Thursday, November 1, 2012

Story Book Parade

Hey friends - I know it's been a few weeks since we have posted anything and we promise to do better. Thanks Martha for calling us out on our blogging - or lack of blogging lol!

We had a FABULOUS storybook parade this year!  All of the teachers did an awesome job with the costumes. At our school each class selects a book and then the teacher and the parent volunteers make ALL of the costumes for their class. I wish I could post all of the great costumes the kiddos were wearing but unfortunately I cannot :-(. I will post pictures of the teachers and a few pics of kids wearing masks so that you can't see their faces. Above is a picture of Cindy as Jo-Jo the jellybean maker.  Her students were bags of jellybeans.
This is Ms. Aguayo as Cruella Deville and her class were the dalmations.
Ms. Barajas was the octopus from Rainbow Fish
Ms. Salinas and her class were Pete The Cat
Ms. Guzman's class did Ten Apples Up On Top. This was my favorite!!
Ms. Perez was a box of crayons and her kids were the crayons.
My class was Skippy Jon Jones
Doesn't everyone look awesome? There were so many more great costumes like The Magic School Bus, David Goes To School, Where is Spot, Stellaluna, The Grouchy Ladybug, The Cat and the Hat and Brown Bear.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun HALLOWEEN!!

Sandra :-)

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