Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Days of School!

Okay so I feel like I've started the year (my 7th...Wow!) on a really good note.  I've been really busy with paper work and the usual getting all of, the student routines established, charts, rules, along with many other things that are hard to remember without a list, lol! I took a few pictures of my classroom, before I left on the first day after putting away mounds of supplies.  I was exhausted and excited after a great first day!  I was so exhausted that I fell asleep at 7:00 p.m!  Okay now to the pictures!  We decided to stick to the monster theme once again...We LOVE monsters!  First I want to show you our awesome behavior chart.  We do a color changing system at our school that uses different emoticon faces to tell the students behavior for the day.  Sandra and I had talked about doing something "cool" instead of the same simple faces, lol!  I came up with this and we love it!
My favorite face is the red one, I find it to be hilarious!  It totally shows how the kids feel if and when they get put on red.  All that is missing are the pictures of my students on the chart to stick on with Velcro, those will start at the green face and either move up to the star when they do something that is beyond awesome or down when they get in trouble.

Here are a few pictures of my classroom, its still a little bare, but it will start taking shape as we move along through the year.  I feel that this year I really do have the best layout for this classroom, it feels really spacious!  These first few are of my new teacher space, words walls, writing center, Wow!-wall and the listening center area.

 Next is my math area which is still a little messy and my library area.
 In the back of the room is where I have my calendar, alphabet and interactive board.  I also have a shot of my kitchen center, which for the first time ever is big enough for the students to be able to explore comfortably.

As I was walking out the door I took a picture of my outside welcome board and door.  My cousin Jennifer made the monsters on my door and my sis cut them out after I laminated them.  Thanks, sis and Fer!  Without you two they would probably not be on my door.  ;) 

I'm so ready to really get this year going!!!

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