Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hooray for the Cricut!

Well let's start with the fact that I have wanted a Cricut for a long time...this summer I finally got one on...Craig's List...EEEEK!  I know! Well, before I went out and spent hundreds on a new one and then hundreds more on cartridges, my good friend Emerald suggested I try Craig's List.  I ended up getting a great deal!!!  A gently used Cricut and 5 cartridges for $130!  Tonight I finally decided to try it out and I LOVE IT!  So for my first project I decided to make a simple banner with my name to hang in my classroom.  I wanted the layers to look nice so I cut out a square in the each setting size, so I could stack them and see what sizes to make the cut outs.

Next I chose what paper I wanted to use.  I had turquoise card stock for the background, hot pink patterned scrapbook paper for the middle layer and black card stock for the letters.

To put it together, I used small dots of Elmer's on the corners to glue the layers, remember, "a dot is a lot!" ;)

Here is the finished product, well minus the ribbon I want to tie them together with, they need to be laminated!  I absolutely love it!  I'm going to make some awesome stuff for our classroom!  Sandra wants zebra print, I'll post a pic as soon as I make it!

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