Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Classroom Pictures!!

Oh my goodness!! This is our second week of school and it's been really hectic, but really awesome too. There has been no time to blog with all the craziness of the beginning of the year. I also decided that I would stop drinking caffeine...not sure what medication I was on to decide to give up my beloved Dr Pepper from Sonic on the first week of school, but I did and I barely survived. I love the beginning of the year and meeting new students, but I forgot about all the paperwork and school supplies that need to be sorted and put away. I've been exhausted!! This may be the reason there was very little blogging.

I wanted to share a few pictures about my classroom set-up, but I noticed that I didn't have as many pictures as I thought. I'll take and add more pictures tomorrow.

 This is my Spanish alphabet frieze. We recite it daily and have movements that go with each  letter.

 This is my calendar area. I just noticed that I took this picture on August 24!!! I need to put up some updated pictures. On the cork board I put different graphs, like a tooth graph and a birthday graph. I also use a calendar on the Promethean board.  

This is my WOW!! wall where I place work that is amazing! My students love getting their work on the WOW! wall. Also, this is my new Spanish word wall. I saw this on Pinterest and loved it and decided to try it this year.  My lines aren't as straight as I thought...that's going to drive me crazy!!

This is my library and writing center. The writing center has crayons, markers, colored pencils, note pads, stencils, word rings and different colored paper.  This picture really doesn't do it justice. The library doesn't look very big, however many of the books are placed on the spinning racks  (I have 3 of them) and they hold a lot of books. Thank you Mechelle Berg for gifting me one and Hallmark and Borders for selling me the other two. I absolutely love them!! 

At the moment I have this unhealthy obsession with pink zebra and black and white zebra duct tape!! I think I need an intervention! From my previous blog you can see that I updated my teacher tool box with it and now I covered my teacher stool, my door stopper and made a border out of it. I can't wait to figure out more things to cover with it.  I think I'll do my tape dispenser and maybe a couple of clip boards. We"ll see...the possibilities are endless :-).


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