Tuesday, August 7, 2012

College For Kids Activities

This summer Cindy and I worked at TCC's College for kids and it was amazing!! We worked with students that we don't normally get to work with since we teach Kindergarten. The students were in 3rd - 6th grade and we actually had full conversations with them lol. They created some awesome self portraits.They used construction paper and felt for the self portrait and then we created a list of adjectives they could use to describe themselves.
We also made yarn balls!! They were a lot harder then they look. Pinterest made them look so easy. They were super messy and they took forever to dry but the final product was really cool.
Our next project was Sock Puppets! They students were so creative. They used felt, buttons, pipe cleaners, wiggle eyes and anything else they wanted for their puppets.They turned out great!

Our next project was a painting project that we found on Pinterest. It took 2 days to finish but I think the end result was worth the extra day.

 One of our last projects was a mosaic made from small construction paper.

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