Friday, September 4, 2015

We Survived the First 2 Weeks of School...barely.

Hey friends!!! Remember us?!? We haven't blogged in forever! You know how it goes when school starts and you can barely get it together or catch a breath. You get home so exhausted you just want to crash and forget you have a 
blog...but I'm ready to go now lol!! First blog of the 2015-16 school year YAY!!!

This year our district decided to have convocation at the beginning of the school year to get us all inspired!! Our school all went together on a school bus and we had a blast. The guest speaker was wonderful and I believe it was time well spent.
We didn't change our classrooms up that much this year since we decided to stick with our Superhero theme. But here are a few things we accomplished in the first 2 weeks of school.

This is a picture of my Welcome to the Super class bulletin board. I used the same superhero shape from last year but wrote their names on masks this year and added a banner. Simple but cute!
We did a self portrait craftivity and tore paper to cover their names for a wall display. Don't you just love Angel R.'s self portrait?? I Die!!! It's so cute!
We graphed number of girls and boys in the classroom. I saw this graph on Pinterest and loved it!!
We read Chrysanthemum and counted the number of letters in our names. Then we made a letters in our name book that will be put in the class library.  
Here's a picture of our calendar. It looks really basic and pitiful right now but we gradually add in new skills.
We started our student created alphabet and I love this picture. I think he did an awesome job.
This October we are headed to the KTOT conference and we can't wait. KTOT is the Kindergarten Teachers of Texas conference. I went many many years ago and loved it and I'm so excited to be going back. This will be my 3rd conference this year. I went to the ITeachK conference in July and absolutely loved it. I can't wait to go back next year. It's so inspiring to see, hear and meet so many fabulous teachers that love their job. However, the absolute best thing that happened was that I met my teacher idol Deanna Jump!!! I just love a normal "she's the teacher I aspire to be" way and not in a creepy stalker way HA!!! 
Then in early August I had the opportunity to see Dr.Jean!! She was amazing!! If you ever get the chance to go see her presentation you'll love it. I had a Dr. Jean selfie but couldn't find it to add here.

I started doing Fun Friday's and today we went outside and used chalk. The kiddos had so much fun... it's little moments like this that make kinder so awesome!! 
Have a wonderful year!!!

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