Monday, April 6, 2015

Rawr!!! It's Dinosaur week!!

We learned all about dinosaurs last week (or more accurately 2 weeks ago) and it was sooooo awesome and amazing!! Our kiddos loved learning about dinosaurseven the girls. Here are some of the things we did!
We started our unit by doing an activity that is in Deanna Jump’s Dinosaurs Math and Literacy unit. We bring in this huge paper-mache egg that our custodian made for us and have the students infer What’s Inside The Egg? This is a really cool way to get the conversation started about eggs and dinosaurs. It's really interesting to hear what they think may be inside. 

We then made these really awesome hats that we found at the Cutting Tiny Bites blog. They turned out soooo cute. The kiddos had to cut triangles and glue them to a strip of green paper to make dinosaur spikes. They really loved them!!

We did a directed draw activity and then had the kiddos write 3 things they learned about dinosaurs. I love doing directed drawings because even though you are directing them on what to draw you always see their personality in their artwork. They always look different and unique. Don't you just love those multi-colored spikes?!?
Another activity we did was cut out some dinosaur bones and the kiddos had to put it together to recreate a dinosaur like a paleontologist.  

We made a Pedro the Paleontologist chart and had the kiddos draw and label his tools and then they excavated “fossils” from a chocolate chip cookie using their tools (toothpicks lol). Look at all the "fossils" they were able to dig out of their cookie.
Cindy added some dinosaurs to the sand table and made a sensory tub. One of our favorite things about using the sensory table is all the vocabulary they use during their pretend play. 
We ended our unit by having the kiddos make imprints of dinosaurs in molding clay. They had so much fun and they turned out pretty awesome!!

Last week we learned about eggs and oviparous animals!! Stay tuned to see all of our wonderful learning!

Happy blogging - Sandra & Cindy

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