Thursday, September 24, 2015

Apples! Apples!

Hey y'all!! Can you believe it's the 5th week of school already?!? The beginning of the year is so hard but I finally see how all my hard work of building trust and relationships with my kiddos is starting to pay off. They are following directions and really working hard at making good choices. I have always believed that they can't learn or do fun activities if they can't maintain control of themselves and stay focused.
That being said...we started our apple unit last week and we are having so much fun learning all we can about apples. We graphed apples sent from home, we labeled the parts of an apple and we made a "How To" make applesauce writing page after making applesauce of course.


We tasted four different kinds of apples and graphed the results of which one we like the best. I love their faces while trying the apples!!
A new experiment I found on Pinterest that we did this year was the ERUPTING APPLE!! It was awesome!! The kids loved it. It was a great way to discuss a chemical reaction and that a gas is released called carbon dioxide. The experiment is super simple. You carve a little hole in the apple, add the baking soda, pour in the vinegar and watch the magic lol. I of course had to have a Sandra moment and use baking powder instead of baking soda...but as you can see it still worked. I had a brain fart in the grocery store and picked up the wrong item.
We also did a sink/float activity with the apples and completed an apple investigation page that can be found in our Bushels of Fun unit on TpT. We then counted the seeds inside and measured our apples with cubes.
I just love how you can do the simplest things and your kinders think it's  the most AMAZING thing!! We cut the apple in half and showed them the star inside and they just thought it was sooooo cool. The best part was when they were leaving for the day and I heard one of my kiddos ask his mom if she knew that apples had stars inside. Ha!! I love it!!
We also made this cut paper activity from Deanna Jump's Apples Math and Literacy Fun unit. They turned out really great. We do them every year, but this year they really did a fantastic job cutting the pieces.

One last thing I wanted to share are the superhero glyphs my co-worker Ms. Barajas created from something she found on Pinterest. I think they turned out SUPER cute!!
 Laters - Sandra

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