Monday, July 1, 2013

End of the school year, my birthday...and CABO!!

Hey friends!!! I've been soooo busy enjoying my vacation that I forget we have a blog. Excuses, excuses!! I know we haven't blogged since March so I thought I'd share some of the things we do at the End of the Year and also my quick mini vacation to Cabo, San Lucas where I was a beach bum for 5 days. But first here's a picture of Cindy on the last day of school...someone is super excited about summer break!! I LOVE this picture!!
This is a bulletin board one of my awesome coworkers made that I think turned out really cute. The kiddos made self portraits and it was glued next to their picture. Sooo cute!!
Our class made a TLC grad picture (it was a free download) and then we put their photo on it. They turned out so cute and were really easy to make.
My birthday is June 4th and I love celebrating my birthday. It was kind of hectic since it was the last week of school, but I still managed to have an awesome time. We just had a drive-in movie theater open up in our city and I was super excited about having my party there. I haven't been to the drive-in in FOREVER!!! It was soooo cool watching a movie (or 2) under the stars. I had the best time, and my cake turned out Fabulous!! Thanks Deanna!!
Last week I went to Cabo, San Lucas with some friends and my mom. I had the BEST time doing nothing and relaxing by the beach and the pool. In 3 weeks I will be heading to Peru and that vacation will NOT be relaxing. If anyone has been and would like to offer some tips that would be great. I'm starting to worry that I might DIE on Machu Pichu!!



 Laters!! Sandra

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