Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sweet summer where did you go?!?!

Wow this summer has gone by so fast!  It’s been so busy we had my baby niece’s birthday party, my cousin’s baby shower, and another cousin’s wedding…like I said busy!  In that busy time I got to go to Disney World for the first time in my life!  Talk about a “Dream Come True, it was truly amazing.  Best of all I got to go with my family.  I’m a very proud and busy “Tia” (aunt) I love every second I get to spend with those little monsters.  Here are a few pics of our Disney Trip!
OMG!!! The feeling when we got there was surreal yes I'm almost 32 years old, but when I was in Disney I was only 5 again, lol!  In the first picture I am with my brother and Destanni my sister's little one getting out tickets at will call. Yes that's Cinderella's Castle and me happy as can be at the "Happiest Place on Earth!"
Next is me and my adorable niece Addy after we rode the Dumbo ride.  We decided to pretend to fly with Dumbo for our picture.  Afterwards we went to The Teacups!  Even the little ones rode!    The one in the purple is my sis I'm holding Destanni and Addy my nieces and flower shirt is Arika holding my youngest niece Ava.  They started out scared, but soon started giggling with us.  The four kids in the bottom right picture are my nieces and nephew...the loves of my life, anyone who knows me will tell you there is absolutely nothing I wouldn't do for them!  One's almost impossible to get them to take a good picture of them together.

Now the reason we all went on this trip was for my Mom, nephew Aaron, and Little sis Selena's dance company.  They dance "ballet folklorico," all of the dances they do are from various regions in Mexico.  It was my beautiful momma's first recital and she was SOOOOO nervous to say the least.  Selena always looks so breathtaking in her costumes and makeup!  My nephew Aaron got to be a fighting rooster for his dance, yes cruel in real life, but like I said traditional Mexican dances, he and his opponent had the crowd laughing and having a great time.  I was so proud of all of them they did amazing.
Last but not least I got to Universal Studios Orlando where I got to go to...The Magical World of Harry Potter!!!  It was amazing unfortunately for this blog entry the pics are on my home computer so I'll have to add those for you later!  It was so AWESOME!!!  Here is the one pic I do have with me.  It's silly but I still think its cool.  I'm wearing my Wonder Woman shirt!
Like the picture above this summer has just flown away!!!  Sandra and I did manage to get some work done for our classroom and TPT store!  We made a new student alphabet and complete word wall packet in both English and Spanish! I'm having trouble uploading the pictures, but you can click HERE to go to our TPT store.
We'll post our units as well as update you on our beginning of the year activities very soon.
-Princess "Cindy"rella (LOL! had to do it)


  1. Looks like you had a great time Cindy Lou!! Love the pics of your family.

  2. Is it weird that I comment on my own blog?????