Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oviparous Animals!

Hello everybody!  Sandra touched on the fact that we are learning about oviparous animals this week by sharing her oviparous list and my circle map.  We did a guess the oviparous animal writing activity.  The kids had to choose an animal from our graphic organizers or another one that they saw in the book.  We made a bubble map during our morning message to give our kiddos an example.
They then chose an oviparous animal and made their own bubble map.  They did great!  Here are a couple of examples.
 Sandra made this really cute egg page it says, "Guess who's inside the egg?"  The kids used their bubble map write a description of the animal they chose on the first egg, then they drew the animal on the second egg.  We added a brad to the top of the page so that visitors can read the riddle then try to guess the animal.  This is always a lot of fun!

 Hooray for oviparous animals!

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