Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dr. Seuss - Read Across America Week!

You’d think I’d be all Seussed out, but I couldn’t wait to blog about our crazy, busy Read Across America week. We actually started our Dr. Seuss unit a week early, so we had 2 wonderful weeks of Seusstastic learning. Here is Cindy and some of her cutie's.
Our librarian organized some “Seussy” activities for Read Across America week. On Monday, it was Cat in the Hat day and everyone could wear their favorite hat. Tuesday was Grinchiest Green day and we all wore a green T-shirt. I don’t have anything green, but I borrowed and wore a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt from my brother. My kiddos thought I was soooo cool lol. Wednesday was Foxiest Socks day and we got to wear crazy socks. I finally got to wear my BACON socks...YAAAAS!!! Thursday was Red & White Stripe day. Finally, Friday was We Love Seuss day and we got to dress as our favorite Dr. Seuss character. Many of the teachers at our school dressed up and so did Cindy. Thank you Ms. Rosales, Mrs. Campos, Mrs. Abilez and Ms. Barajas for letting me use your wonderful pictures. 
Our librarian gave all the teachers that dressed up a Dr. Seuss bag with a book, pencil, eraser, bookmarks and candy. That was awesome! Thanks Ms. Patton!! 
Cindy made these really cute Thing 1 & Thing 2 crafts with her class. She took their picture and turned their face into a coloring page. For the writing, they wrote about their favorite Dr. Seuss book. The bulletin board display turned out really cute.
We made these really cute hats that we saw on Kindergarten Smorgasbord. They are super simple and easy to make. We made them in about 10 minutes. 
We also made these Cat in the Hat crafts. Here is a picture from our colleague Ms. Guzman.
We made green eggs and ham and made a graph. Everyone loved it this year!! My students said I should be a chef hahaha!! After making this wonderful concoction, my kiddos wrote a “How To Make Green Eggs and Ham” paper.
This was just a really fun filled week of Dr. Seuss!!
Happy blogging - Sandra & Cindy

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