Monday, February 23, 2015

President's Day, a Freebie and so much more!

Hello Friends!!! We're back for another installment of the happenings in our dual language kinder classrooms. Every time that we think about blogging we say to ourselves, we don't have enough to blog about...wrong!  Maybe we just have too much to blog about and get behind lol!

We had another fun filled week in Kinder! First we did some Presidents day activities.  We worked on these pictures for our presidents book using directed drawing to draw Washington, Lincoln and Obama. The kids did awesome! Don't you just love how detailed Washington turned out? I did a full body directed draw and Sandra did head shots.

After drawing their illustration the kiddos had to write 2-3 facts they learned about each president. After reading George Washington's Teeth the kids were fascinated by the fact that he only had 1 tooth. Most of the student's wrote about that lol.


We also made this Barack Obama craftivity that we downloaded for FREE from TLC Lessons. These lessons are great for our kiddos to practice cutting, following directions and reviewing positional words.  They were so excited to do this lesson and although it did have a lot of steps most of it was easy for them.

On Wednesday we had some SUPER cool visitors at our school!  I might be a little partial, but I think the Fort Worth Zoo is amazing! The next best thing to going to the zoo is when...the zoo comes to you!  They brought a crocodile, an opossum, a great horned owl, a porcupine, a frog, and wait for it...A PENGUIN! Now anyone who knows us knows that we absolutely LOVE penguins! She was super cute! It was sooooo exciting!! Oh and the kids loved all of the animals too! Lol!

On Friday we started our pen pal letters to our amazing adopters: Ferro, Akzo Nobel and United Way.  We have a pen pal for each class and each week one student gets selected to take or pick up the mail. They get to wear a mail person costume and they go to each class and pick up the mail from the mailboxes and then they get driven to the adopters and deliver the mail. Our students love it and our adopters love our kiddos just as much as we do. My class made a book and we used it to introduce all of my students to our new pen pal.

 Sandra's class wrote a letter and drew self portraits to introduce themselves.

And last but not least!  We posted a new unit on TpT and a cool freebie as well.  We made a syllable unit with some of our favorite things we use to teach students to read and blend syllables.

Click here to go to our TPT store to purchase these!
We also revamped a syllable assessment we've been using for years.  It's an easy way to check your students' syllable fluency.
Click here to download this at our TPT store!

Can't wait to share this upcoming week with you!  We'll be doing a Dr. Suess author study!

Happy blogging friends!
Love Cindy and Sandra

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