Monday, February 16, 2015

100th Day & Valentine's Day...Another busy week in Kinder!

Hello everyone this year has definitely been a whirlwind of fun and learning.  This past week was especially busy for us! Hip Hip Hooray, it's the 100th day of school!! We were non-stop busy working on our 100th day activities all day. There are so many activities to do on the 100th day and here are a few we did in our classrooms.

 First off we celebrated the 100th Day of School, by dressing up like NERDS! Of course, we are 100 days smarter lol!! In the past we have dressed like a 100 year olds, but we decided to switch it up this year.

Since this was the first year dressing as nerds not many of our students dressed up, but we had tons of fun making things to wear and doing lots of activities.

100th Day Snack

Fruit Loop Necklace
100th Day Hats and Glasses

Counting Stickers by 10's
Watching Emily's First 100 Days of School

100 Picture
One super cool activity the kids really enjoyed was using the number 100 to create a picture.  This is an idea on Pinterest that I've always wanted to do with my students.  After creating their picture the students had to write a sentence about what they made.  My little ones had so much fun doing this activity!  Here are a few examples!

Now on to Valentine's Day!! We celebrated our Valentine's Day party on Friday and it was awesome! This year we decided to collect cereal boxes and make superhero themed Valentine boxes. We stayed Thursday to wrap them thinking it was going to be a piece of cake...well it took waaay longer than we thought but they turned out really nice!  Our students absolutely LOVED them so all our blood, sweat and tears was worth it.  Next year we plan on making this a home project lol! 

Froggy Craft
We read Froggy's First Kiss and made a craft from First Grade Blue Skies
Valentine Cards
Last year I got a free unit on Teachers Pay Teacher from What The Teacher Wants called Non Food Valentines and cards. I love it and so do the kids. This year I gave the boys little cars and the girl's yo-yo's. Last year the Whoopee cushions were a big hit.

Party Time!!!
We decided to do hot dogs, chips, Capri Suns, mini cupcakes and cookies and everything was super simple to set up and clean up. It was one of the easiest party's to date. It was so wonderful and the kids had a great time. 

That's it for now!! Thanks for reading our little blog!

Cindy & Sandra

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