Thursday, March 20, 2014

Missing in Action!!

Hello friends!! We have totally been MIA this year, but teaching dual language with 25 kiddos for me and 28 kiddos in Cindy's class is no joke. We are completely overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with everything and unfortunately our blog and TPT store have been the ones to suffer the most.  I love my little babies and hope I'm doing all I can to prepare them for first grade and will let my personal stuff go by the wayside to make that happen. With that being said I'm going to try to be better about blogging for the rest of the school year...but I'm not making any promises lol.

This will be a quick post about a few things we did for Valentine's Day and the 100th day of school.

For Valentine's Day we made these cute monster mailboxes that I found on Pinterest. They were really easy to make after a parent volunteer covered the cereal boxes with red paper and cut out the monster mouth - haha! The hardest part for me was sticking in the pipe cleaner eyes. That took forever...I should have had the parent do that too. The kiddos really loved their mailboxes so I'm glad we made them this year. I usually have them decorate a paper bag.

 I found these Valentine cards for the kiddos on TPT from What the Teacher Wants and I gave them a bag filled with goodies. The cards turned out great!! The whoopie cushion was a big hit. I think the girls wanted them instead of the bubbles. I made the teachers and my bestest buddies the cards with Burts Bees also found on Pinterest. 

The next few pictures are some of the activities we did on the 100th day of school (I didn't take that many pictures though). We started the day by making our 100th day crown (which took forever), then we made a 100th day necklace, we made 100 with cookies, we did 100 day centers (making 100 piece puzzles, putting #'s in order to 100, 100th day snack, etc...). It was a very busy day and we got less accomplished than in previous years but it was still fun. The students dressed like 100 year olds and they looked amazing.

Cindy dressed up like a 100 year old man. She looked awesome!! Unfortunately I can't find the picture...I'll post it as soon as I do. 

Well friends that's it for now, but Ill be blogging again tomorrow...fingers crossed!! Cindy and I are going to watch Divergent tonight and I'm super excited. I hope the movie is as good as the book.

Laters, Sandra 

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