Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Love, Luck, and Lots of Kindergarteners!

Finally back after a very long hiatus!  This year has been a VERY busy year full of lots of fun activities and 28 kindergarteners!  I’ve found patience that I never knew I had with all these little ones.  I feel very LUCKY that I was able to get a compliance teacher: Her name is Mrs. Mendez and she is seriously a huge blessing to me and my little ones.  So moving on…I’m going to share some of the things we've been doing. 
I want to start with a few things that we did in February which include the valentines I made my kids and the 100th day!  This class is OBSESSED with minions (from Despicable Me 1 & 2) so I found a really cute Pinterest project.  All had to was print the minions, cut them out and tape them to Twinkies.  They were a big hit!  All the extras like the cute bag and the pencil were from Dollar Tree.  Also, I included myself dressed up for the 100th day!  I look like Willie Nelson, don’t you think?
A really cute President’s Day activity we did was to write about what they would do if they were president.  Last year they just drew themselves, this year I was looking for new ideas on Google and came across a picture of kids with a president hat and George Washington hair so we tried it out.  They looked hilarious!
March has been extremely busy to say the least.  We celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday with a celebration in the library and dressing up.  I love to dress up!  At work a lot of the girls call me Cindy Lou (thank you Laura Letts), so I decided to come as none other than…Cindy Lou Who!  I had to drive my boyfriend’s jeep to work because I didn’t fit in my car due to my huge hair.  Mrs. Mendez was Sam-I-Am.  There are some pictures of some of the other creative teachers at my school.
This month we also had our annual health fair and walk, every year I coordinate this with the help of an awesome committee and our amazing nurse.  It was a beautiful day and we had the highest attendance we’ve ever!  My sister and two nieces came out to walk one of the vendors brought Cookie monster with them, the girls were not thrilled at all, lol!  The fire fighters (a teacher favorite) also came and let the kids climb all over their truck.  It was really awesome!
Spring Break was a much needed break!  I used that time to relax and spend time with my family.  During that week my sweet little Tink turned 6.  I got on pinterest and found an easy dog cake recipe.  She loved it!  We shared with the neighbors!
This was our first year to be at school during St. Patrick’s Day!  We got on TPT and found some really neat craftivities. We read books about leprechauns and talked about how much they loved their gold.  I found a “Who is worth more to you than gold?” by The Teacher Wife on TPT!  The kids really took this activity to heart and did some of their best work, they had to draw and write about who was worth more than gold to them and put it on a pot of gold.  Then Sandra found a really cute and easy leprechaun activity on TPT as well called “Leapin’ Leprechaun!” by A Cupcake for the Teacher.  It has a leprechaun writing and craftivity.  I used the leprechaun from it and put it together with the pot of gold from the other and viola, this is what it looked like!
 Sandra also found a neat acrostic poem rainbow activity to do with her class.  They first made a list of adjectives that start with every letter of the alphabet!  She said that it was really hard, but totally worth it!  They had to write an adjective for 6 letters in their name!  They came out really cute!  I believe this is a TPT activity as well, but I’m not sure.  I’ll have to ask Sandra.
Last but not least for this post, Sandra and I saw Divergent and loved it!  The casting was great, especially…FOUR…Theo James is gorgeous!  It was a good time!  I found this fan made sign I would like to think this is me…lol!
Okay everyone can’t wait to share our Three Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood activities with everyone soon!  Also, next week is opening day for the Texas Rangers!!!  So excited!!!
Go Rangers!


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