Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Snow Days & Our Dr. Seuss Celebrations

Hey y’all!! I’m super excited!! Can you believe that we are only THREE days away from Spring Break! Cindy and I are soooo ready for a breakeven though we've had a few days off from work already due to snow days. Those days off just gave us SPRING FEVER!! We've had 3 snow days and if you know Texas you know we can’t drive in snow so the entire state gets shut down lol! I love being at home relaxing and working on stuff for my classroom and Teachers Pay Teachers, but I was ready to get back to my classroom and do all our Dr. Seuss activities. Due to the snow some of our Dr. Seuss stuff was either pushed back or cancelled but we still had an awesome celebration. 

Something new we did this year was a directed draw from First Grade Blue Skies! I love doing directed drawings with my kiddos. I think they turned out super awesome! We hung them up with our Dr. Seuss book critiques.
 We also made green eggs and ham and then our kiddos wrote a “How To” paper on the steps for making it. They did a pretty good job considering they wrote it in English for TELPAS when they usually write in Spanish.
We had to borrow this hot plate and I wanted to send a little shout out to say thank you to my friend Melissa Abilez for saving the day. We might do the deviled eggs next year, less stressful lol.

After tasting our green eggs and ham we graphed whether we liked it or not. I'm not the best cook but as you can see from our graph the kiddos loved my green eggs and ham. They said I was a chef...I almost died laughing because I'm the worst cook.                                       
We also made these really cute hats that we saw on KindergartenSmorgasboard on Instagram. They were really easy and turned out super cute!!
To top this SUPER fun day off we had a R.I.F. today!  On this day our kids get to go to the library and choose a book to take home which is an awesome gift for them! Our wonderful PTA buys the books to give to our students and our librarian coordinates it.  They were so excited to get to pick a book and take it home.  One little friend decided to take his Lorax mustache to the library so "no one will know who I am" or so he said.  Oh, kindergarteners are so stinking adorable!!!  He stayed in character the whole time! lol

We just found out we have another snow day tomorrow!!! Happy Dance!!
We're outta here!! Off to sit by the fire and watch T.V. Stay warm and keep blogging!!
Cindy & Sandra 


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    1. Hey Barb!! Thanks for following us!! We will gladly follow you too. We are sooooo excited about Vegas and can't wait to meet other bloggers.