Wednesday, September 18, 2013

 Helloooo, there!!!  After a rough first three and a half weeks we are finally breaking radio silence!  It’s been a bit of a rocky start for everyone at our campus.  Everyone in Kindergarten is over, Sandra and I have 26!  On a good note the students are really well behaved and for that we are very lucky.  It’s a year of many changes as well-new principal, assistant principal, librarian, counselor and a wonderful new kinder teacher, too.  Welcome Amber Gates, a wonderful addition to our kinder team!  With all this talk about new, let me show some of my new stuff.  When I started to set up my room I noticed my 7 year old calendar pocket chart had seen better days.  So I went I found this nice BIG one at staples.
  Also, I had been thinking about making myself a new schedule as well.  Sandra and I have caught the chevron craze like many other teachers we know.  So I got busy and created a new one for us.  The only problem was that I didn’t measure the cards and let’s just say they’re a bit too big.  I will eventually make a chart so that they don’t overlap, but with 26 kids that’s going to have to wait a little.  It does the job (temporarilyJ)!
I also changed my writing criteria chart and coloring rubric.  I felt like I needed fewer steps, but I only ended up making it 6 steps instead of 9, lol!  Old habits die hard, I guess.  My coloring rubric is an idea I saw on Pinterest (I Love Pinterest)!  I also decided to use Sandra’s Pinterest idea on how to sit on the carpet.  She has a little girl so I decided to make mine a little boy.  He actually looks like a student I have in my class this year, which I did on accident.
 This week we started our one of our favorite themes…Apples!!!  I have a few morning message activities. I apologize for my awful handwriting.  I’ll tell you what having these extra kids just makes me feel like I’m in a hurry all of the time, it takes us so long to do most basic things.  They are slowly but surely catching on!  I have a circle map (in the shape of an apple), a math comparing two objects (we used two apples), and an apple labeling activity, which our students then used to label the parts of the apple.  We are giving this away as a freebie.  Yay, free!

For the life of of my I cannot get this picture to flip over!  Click here for the freebie.
The last apple activity that we did was our taste test and graph.  We tasted 4 types of apples.  The students then had to choose their favorite apple and take a square that was the color of it.  I turned this into a mini cut paper activity.  The students had to use a square to make a circle, I gave them the stem.  We then used their apples to stick to our favorite apple graph.  Red delicious swept the competition!

Last but not least I made a quick little center to share with all of you!  Learning the parts of a book, in both English and Spanish, and also it is...Free!!!  

Well friends have an awesome rest of the week!

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